Graphic Design and Interior Design Company in jordan
Design Company in jordan

Design Consultation

Design: Understanding what you can do and how far your budget can take you; is where we begin. We look at your needs, and the technical requirements you will encounter, to offer a starting point from which you can make the best decisions. Working together we will explore the designs and materials that outsource your investment, giving us the appropriate designs for the project, making them beautiful, functional, feasible and sustainable.

Bidding: Over the years, we've established excellent relationships with a core group of craftsmen and suppliers. Vetted for skill, experience and reliability, these are the experts who offer bids for your project. Like all 4D Design Studio work, bidding is customized. We'll crunch the numbers, refine and crunch them even more, showing you breakdowns of the costs per trade. Ensuring the value of your budget.

Value Engineering: Sometimes personal taste is grander than the actual budget, so if the numbers look a bit on the long side after the estimates come in, we'll be more than happy to re-evaluate your project with a process called value engineering. Here, we explore alternative construction methods and materials to optimize efficiency, thereby lowering costs.